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Roanoke College Campus Video!

Hey guys,

Today and tomorrow I will be posting two videos for a class assignment for public relations.  The purpose of this assignment is to see how many “clicks” our class can get for the videos we post.  Tell me what you think of the video!

Roanoke College Campus Video


Getting ready for the holidays!

Since I am in the holiday spirit I thought I would share a picture of my school’s Administration building that was decorated recently.  Happy holidays!

Colleges with Easiest and Hardest Grades

Hey guys,

Today I thought I would share an article from CBS with you stating the top 16 hardest graders in the country.  I have to admit I am proud to know my college has made the list of the hardest graders in the south.  I do not want to sound like I am bragging, but it makes me happier knowing that I am truly getting my money’s worth on a good college education.  I may work very hard and still not have the highest GPA compared to other people in other schools, but I know at least when other people complain about their work that it is not nearly as bad as the workload I have at my school.  I have a ten-hour exam next week that determines if I will pass my major, wish me luck guys!

Q:What do you value in an education system?  Did you take any valuable information away from your school?  Did you enjoy your experiences there?


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