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Roanoke College Campus Video!

Hey guys,

Today and tomorrow I will be posting two videos for a class assignment for public relations.  The purpose of this assignment is to see how many “clicks” our class can get for the videos we post.  Tell me what you think of the video!

Roanoke College Campus Video


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4 thoughts on “Roanoke College Campus Video!

  1. Really liked the video…..

  2. I think video needs a voice over but the scenes depicted were good

  3. Fine without voice which would diminish the rolling serenity of the music. Great recruiting for high school seniors. Wait till they find out about the part on the ID that says student actually means student. Florida Southern has some buildings brick like this, then Frank Lloyd Wright stuff and a huge growth with modern architecture last two decades. Our Pi Kappa Alpha frat experience in the 60’s, however, would be best illustrated by running the film Animal House.

  4. Walter, I think I am going to have to agree with Carl and say that the voice over would take away from the overall effect of the video. I talked to my professor though and she said that many Roanoke College videos do have voice overs, but the only reason this one did not was because the photographer wanted to emphasize the beauty of the campus. I am sure there are other videos on the Roanoke College web page if you are interested in watching a video with sound over. I am assuming these videos focus more on academics and the goals of the institution.

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