Debate with other literary critics.


My name is Hayley, I am a senior year English major at my college, and I am currently a student. I plan on joining the “real world” as soon as I graduate in May. I hope to get a job as a blogger or a job in social media. My passion has always been reading so I created a blog that would hopefully stimulate intellectual ideas and encourage criticism and debate.I have always been interested in English and the “classic” literature in particular.  My goal is to post a topic that will allow people to post their thoughts and engage in a friendly debate if they so desire.  Everyone has an opinion and on this blog you can make your thoughts known.


6 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi,
    Like the idea, wishing you good luck. What do you do, and who are you?

  2. Was to be an English major too but profs felt D’sand F’s were the appropriate grades for me. I felt an ax in the head would be appropriate for them. Switched to double major history and religion. If you dropped below a 2.0 your got sent to Vietnam. Thanks for visit my blog. Available for advice your senior year papers. I did teach 33 years high school US and world history. Looks like the professors were wrong and I earned 2 MA’s too.

  3. Hello Hayley,
    Thank you for the related article spot and all the best as you begin a new journey in May.

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