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Top Five Horror Writers

Hey guys,

Happy Halloween!  I thought to celebrate this awesome holiday I would compose a list of what I think are the best horror writers of all time.  The list is not in any particular order and will tell a little about each author.  Hope you enjoy the list and feel free to leave a comment stating who your favorite horror writers are.

1. Bram Stoker

Bram Stoker is most famous for his novel Dracula, which I think is a wonderfully written horror story.  When I first read this story I remember I could not put the book down.  I was intrigued by each of the characters and I loved how Stoker personalized each character by having them keep a “diary” or journal.  It made the development of the story more interesting and unique.  If you want to learn more about the author and his stories click here.

2. Edgar Allan Poe

I love all of Poe’s short stories and poems.  As sad as I am to say this, I rarely find a poem I actually enjoy reading but many of Poe’s poems deserve praise.   His short stories are wonderful and it is hard to simply read only one.  My favorite stories include “The Cask of Amontillado”, “The Fall of the House of Usher”, “The Tell-Tale Heart”, and “The Pit and the Pendulum.”  If you would like to learn about Edgar Allan Poe and his stories click here.

3. Richard Matheson

Richard Matheson wrote  many chilling tales  and some have been turned into movies, which we still love today.  For example, he wrote the novel “I am Legend,” which was turned into a movie  in 2007.  He also wrote “Duel” and also wrote many “Twilight Zone” episodes.  To learn more about Richard Matheson click here.

4. Stephen King

I am sure we all know Stephen King.  When we think of a “master” of horror many people think of Stephen King.  He has written many stories that have scared people for generations.  My favorite stories include “The Shining”, which is also one of my favorite movies, “Carrie”, “Cujo” and “Pet Sematary”.  If you would like to learn about Stephen King click here.                 5. Mary Shelley

I love the novel “Frankenstein”.  It is wonderfully crafted and Shelley does a wonderful  job exploring the idea of “playing God” and the dangers that can result from it.  “Frankenstein” today still continues to scare and horrify readers.  However, in some ways “the monster” can be seen as a sympathetic character.  He did not like being treated as a creation and wanted to be loved.  Because he is feared instead of loved one could argue that is why he kills many people.  The story is wonderful and I highly recommend it if you are looking for a “scary” novel to read.  To learn more about Mary Shelley click here.  

Do you agree with my choice of authors?  Do you think other authors should have made the list? Please share your comments below.


Shakespeare is fake?

Hey all,

This is my first post and  I wanted to start it off by talking about the new movie “Anonymous”

The movie Anonymous suggests that Shakespeare never wrote any of his plays and was a fraud.  Many theories have suggested that Shakespeare did not write any of his plays,  that the name Shakespeare was an alias and that several people wrote his plays.  Many people do not believe that Shakespeare wrote his plays because of his educational background and the fact that we know little about the man, William Shakespeare.  Popular suggestions of who actually wrote the Shakespeare plays have been Francis Bacon, Christopher Marlowe, and Sir Walter Raleigh . Do you have any more suggestions of who Shakespeare might have been?  Do you want to defend Shakespeare as an author?  Feel free to leave your comments and questions below.

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