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Colleges with Easiest and Hardest Grades

Hey guys,

Today I thought I would share an article from CBS with you stating the top 16 hardest graders in the country.  I have to admit I am proud to know my college has made the list of the hardest graders in the south.  I do not want to sound like I am bragging, but it makes me happier knowing that I am truly getting my money’s worth on a good college education.  I may work very hard and still not have the highest GPA compared to other people in other schools, but I know at least when other people complain about their work that it is not nearly as bad as the workload I have at my school.  I have a ten-hour exam next week that determines if I will pass my major, wish me luck guys!

Q:What do you value in an education system?  Did you take any valuable information away from your school?  Did you enjoy your experiences there?



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9 thoughts on “Colleges with Easiest and Hardest Grades

  1. irisbass on said:

    ok,wish u good luck

  2. Hard grading? In one linguistics class the pre test and final were the same. I got 8% on the pre test and 64% on the final. He gave me an F. Well it was not 70%, was it Carl? In freshman world civ I got a 92% on the final which was second highest score out of 400 students. That guy gave me a B. Well it was not 93% was it, Carl? Other classes curve so high, 85% was cut off for a D. Got involved with a cheating ring and had psych and world history tests 4 days ahead. With 6 of us researching the best we could do was 80% or so. I have no moral conflict with trying to cheat in such a system. Parents committed their entire life savings to send you to college and with this grading, if you dropped below a 2.0 you lost your student deferment and off the VIETNAM you went. I was a teacher for 33 years and from that experience my grading scale was : real good =A, pretty good = B, tried = C, did not stab anyone = D and F for doing nothing and truancy. For kids several years behind in reading level , what would be considered a D would be an A or B because they did perform way beyond their ability. Performance I deemed more valuable than facts acquisition. In inner city, violent, dysfunctional home, drug invested, poverty you should not design tests wherein they will fail but create assessments wherein they may succeed. Knowing that Napoleon was defeated at Waterloo on June 18, 1815 probably won’t enhance their lives.

    • I guess I would cheat too if I was close to failing and the result of my failure would be to fight in the Vietnam war. I do not have to worry about being drafted though and because the consequences are not as extreme I do not cheat. Also, I feel morally obligated to abide by the rules. I have not always done well in the college classes I have taken. My Freshman year I got a D in my Math 111 class, but I worked very hard to get that D. It may seem pathetic but math has never been a strong subject of mine. I met with my teacher every Thursday to go over my homework, but I could not master the material and would get low marks. Even though that D hurt my GPA, I do not regret following the rules and not cheating.
      I do agree though that many students do not see the need to try hard in school especially in subjects they feel will not benefit them in the future. I can understand why knowing certain historical facts, or authors, or even in my case, certain math equations might be seen as useless information. In school it is hard to deem what is considered useful information because everyone will go on different career paths. For example, I want to be a writer so math does not seem useful to me. I do not have an answer on how to make education systems better, but I do think it is important to be proficient in all subject areas.

      • Yes, following the rules and having a moral compass are admirable qualities which should never be compromised. By my own cheating I felt I was fighting back against an unjust system. Perhaps I was deluding myself. As a mason and as a Christian it is incumbent upon me to live as you suggest. That leads us to a well traveled discussion : morality vs pragmatism, morality vs reality and morality vs survival. We should always choose to seek the high road even if it is to our disadvantage. I think I made the right choices because if I had flunked out I would have never been able to spend 33 years helping minority inner city kids get some education and find a little success.

  3. Wishing you the best on your exams………relax and enjoy the moment even if it’s difficult. 🙂

  4. Here’s wishing you all the best of luck on your exam! Thanks also for visiting my blog and for your follow! I’ll do the same and look forward to reading more of your thoughts! 🙂

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