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Quote of the Day: Toni Morrison

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“All water has a perfect memory and is forever trying to get back to where it was” (Toni Morrison, BrainyQuote)

Hello everyone,

I am going to try to post a quote every day again now that I am used to my schedule for the second semester.  I chose a quote by the author Toni Morrison who is well-known for her novels Song of Solomon and Beloved.  I read Beloved over break, but I admit I did not like it as much as the previous book mentioned.  I respected the form of the novel and how the story flowed, but overall I do not think it was as beautifully written as Song of Solomon.  The above quote I feel shows how Morrison can write in a deep moving way and still talk about a serious subject.  Morrison, like many other African-American writers, focus their stories around people finding their roots and understanding their past.  In my opinion, this quote can tie into these themes and shows the importance of ancestry.

Q: What do you think this quote means?  Do you think that Morrison may be talking about the importance of knowing one’s past?

Thanks for reading, please post your comments below!


Quote of the Day: C.S. Lewis

C. S. Lewis

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“We are what we believe we are” (C.S. Lewis, brainyquote.com).

Hey guys,

Today I thought I would post a quote that focused around our point of view.  In my opinion, I do agree with Lewis that our opinion of ourselves shape who we are.  If we have a positive image of ourselves I think another person’s opinion, especially a negative one, would have little to no effect on our demeanor.  We are proud of who we are and therefore do not take mean comments to heart.  However, if people had a negative opinion of  themselves they are easily swayed by other people’s opinions.  I am not saying people with a more positive image do not care how other people view them I am just saying, from observation, I have noticed that people with negative self images seem to internalize these negative comments.  I agree with Lewis that what we believe is important, but even the proudest individual can be broken if people constantly berate them.  Hopefully, this is not the case with any of you, but if it is, I want to let you know that you are a wonderful person and to not let anyone bring you down.   I hope this makes your day better!

Thanks for reading, please post your comments below! 

Quote of the Day: F. Scott Fitzgerald

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“Never confuse a single defeat with a final defeat” (F.Scott Fitzgerald, brainyquote.com).

Hey guys,

Today I thought I would post a quote about perseverance.  I thought this quote was very inspiring and realistic at the same time.  Fitzgerald admits that we all at some point are “defeated,” or make mistakes.  In my opinion, he is saying that one defeat should not determine the success of your endeavors.  Yes, a mistake was made, but you should not give up on dreams, aspirations, or ideas because of a mistake.  I truly believe that we learn from our mistakes and we internalize them.  If we do not make mistakes how can we learn from them?  Once we accept our “defeat” though we can try again and hopefully be successful.

What do you think Fitzgerald meant by “defeat”?  Do you find this quote inspiring?  Have you ever had a moment where you felt like giving up, but kept on going?

Thanks for reading!

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