Debate with other literary critics.

Quote of the Day: Charles Dickens

“There is a wisdom of the head, and a wisdom of the heart” (Charles Dickens, BrainyQuote).

Today I wanted to post on wisdom and different views regarding rationality and emotion.  Charles Dickens seems to be asserting that wisdom is not just found in the head or heart, but in both areas.  A person cannot just think with their head and disregard their emotions.  Many ancient Greeks discouraged people from letting their emotions take over and said wisdom came from the heart.  Many literary figures, especially of the Romantic Era, put more value in emotions instead of wisdom from the head.  This argument has been ongoing for many centuries, but I personally have to agree with Charles Dickens that the head and the heart are both equally wise.

I have posted about this debate many times and have found that depending on the point of view and the way it is displayed, one could argue over the importance of the head and the heart.  Certain views may sway minds to the opposite point of view, but I think when scrutinizing each point it is almost impossible to prove if the head or heart has more wisdom.  Dickens may have made a “safe” choice by saying they are both equal, but also may realize that it is difficult to say which is more valuable.  A person is incomplete if they simply follow only their heart or head.  We were given both a heart and brain for a reason and therefore we must use both equally.

Q: Do you agree with Charles Dickens point of view?  What do you think has more wisdom, the heart, the head, or both?

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9 thoughts on “Quote of the Day: Charles Dickens

  1. Jillian ♣ on said:

    Jane Austen, I think, would agree with Dickens. (Sense & Sensibility).

    I think both the head and the heart have the potential to be volatile, when worked alone. Each needs the other to function fully. They balance themselves.

  2. There is a third part of the anatomy we may employ. Sometimes you just have to go with your gut.

  3. May I throw a spanner in the works and suggest that ‘head’ and ‘heart’ are so inextricably connected that both are involved in everything we do.

  4. Another good one!

    I have to agree with everyone and say both are important. Sometimes I can’t decide which to follow, though.

  5. I agree with Mr. Dickens. 🙂

  6. I do wonder though, about the Greeks, for such a splendid history and great minds…what happened today ? Were they too reliant on their glories of the past, and let the ancients do all the thinking past present and future for them, so they needn’t think at all ? Have the thinking genes died out, or could no one dare even to attempt to try so great were they that overshadowed all future thinkers into stuntnation? Lesson for the day, past glories don’t matter, what matters is Today. What glory stories does one have for today, never mind how great the past . Did I digress?

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