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Quote of the Day: William Shakespeare (The Tempest)

William Shakespeare (1564-1616)

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“O wonder! How many goodly creatures are there here! How beauteous mankind is! O brave new world, that has such people in’t!” ( William Shakespeare, The Tempest, 5.1).

Hey guys,
I am finally posting on the Tempest that I said I would post two weeks ago.  Sorry for the wait!  Today’s article post will focus around the character analysis of Miranda, the daughter of Prospero.  Today’s quote is spoken by Miranda when she saw many men for the first time.  Prior to this she knew only her father and Caliban, who is described as a monster.  She meets Ferdinand before she says these lines and immediately falls in “love” with him.  Ferdinand was the first “heavenly” male figure she saw.  It is interesting to note that Miranda does not necessarily know what a “beautiful” male looks like since she has never seen a male, besides the people mentioned above, before.  At one point, her father even says that Ferdinand is ugly for a  man, but she says she does not care for she is humble and would not want a more handsome man.  It makes me wonder what would happen when Miranda actually went back to Italy and saw more beautiful male figures.
Q: Do you think Miranda loves Ferdinand?  Q: Do you think she would stay “true” to him once she saw other males?
Thanks for reading, please post your comments below!

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4 thoughts on “Quote of the Day: William Shakespeare (The Tempest)

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  3. Thank you for linking to my article. Yes, I think Miranda loves Ferdinand. I think she would stay true to him even if she saw other males because of her conditioning. Having been sheltered away from the world, she is accustomed to the lack of male figures in her life. Her father has been the dominant male her whole life, preparing her for the inevitability of marriage. Perhaps if she had been raised in a normal setting, she would wrestle with the temptations and options that most women (and men) go through during the course of a monogamous relationship. A lot of this wrestling with temptations stems from the nostalgic memories of the person’s previous lifestyle before entering the married life, where he or she was probably used to engaging in polygamous fornication and youthful love affairs. Faith in God would provide Miranda some comfort during the initial shock of going into the city for the first time and seeing other men. Hopefully, given her upbringing, she would see the futility of any sexual temptations in the face of her loving marriage, and how those kinds of selfish pursuits only prove to complicate and frustrate.

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