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Quote of the Day: C.S. Lewis

C. S. Lewis

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“We are what we believe we are” (C.S. Lewis, brainyquote.com).

Hey guys,

Today I thought I would post a quote that focused around our point of view.  In my opinion, I do agree with Lewis that our opinion of ourselves shape who we are.  If we have a positive image of ourselves I think another person’s opinion, especially a negative one, would have little to no effect on our demeanor.  We are proud of who we are and therefore do not take mean comments to heart.  However, if people had a negative opinion of  themselves they are easily swayed by other people’s opinions.  I am not saying people with a more positive image do not care how other people view them I am just saying, from observation, I have noticed that people with negative self images seem to internalize these negative comments.  I agree with Lewis that what we believe is important, but even the proudest individual can be broken if people constantly berate them.  Hopefully, this is not the case with any of you, but if it is, I want to let you know that you are a wonderful person and to not let anyone bring you down.   I hope this makes your day better!

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8 thoughts on “Quote of the Day: C.S. Lewis

  1. Unfortunately we are what other people say we are whether it is true or not. Ran for office a few times in mid 80’s and was smeared hard by the press. While I certainly did have a wild streak if I did all the things they said I did, I would have to be 700 hundred years old.

  2. I am sorry so many people said mean things about you while you ran for office. The media can sometimes be brutal and say really harsh things. I hope their comments didn’t get you down, I am sure you had a great campaign.

  3. I believe self esteem is one of the controlling factors in our lives. If you look at problems most people have and cause, low self esteem is a major contributor.

  4. Good, thought-provoking comments!

    Here’s another take on that quote: it could be interpreted as we can be or do anything we believe we can be or do.

    I really think he meant what you said, but you can interpret things so many different ways.

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