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Quote of the Day: Charlotte Bronte

Portrait of Charlotte Brontë

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“Better to be without logic than without feeling” (Charlotte Bronte).

Hey guys,

Today I thought I would post a quote that focused around knowledge and emotion.  Bronte makes an interesting statement saying that she would rather have emotion than knowledge.  Her most known book is of course Jane Eyrewhich focuses around love.  However, Jane was also educated so she had logic.  It was difficult for me to decide what I would rather give up, logic or emotion.  In reality, I would like to have elements of both, but if I had to choose between the two I would also want feeling over logic.  I feel the world would be a cruel place if a person had all the knowledge in the world but could not understand kindness, happiness

and other emotions.  I feel knowledge is important, but I feel as an English major especially my emotions influence my writing.

What do you think?  Would you rather have logic or feeling?

Thanks for reading, please post your comments below!


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11 thoughts on “Quote of the Day: Charlotte Bronte

  1. Logically the answer would be emotion, so I am going to be illogical and say logic. If you are a logical person it would make sense to have friends, family , and a complete life. If you follow Dexter, he was able to assimilate into society, even though he was a serial killer. It would be interesting to see how other people interact with you when you’re devoid of emotion. What do you think it would be like?

    • Interesting! I think it would be a difficult life if you were completely logical and devoid of emotion. So much of our behavior, decisions, etc. are emotionally based, or at least influenced.

      If you had no emotions, I think it would be a very confusing world. You wouldn’t understand people very well, I think. The whys of their behavior would be continually perplexing. Even being able to understand reasons for certain behaviors, using your logic to predict and explain it would not compensate for the constant changes and inconsistencies in people (due to emotions). I think the inability to empathize would be socially crippling.

      • Yes, I agree. It would also be hard to understand people’s behavior. People also would not be able to understand you and all you wold have is your knowledge. You probably would not be able to have friends or a family, unless you can “fake” emotions, like Dexter.

    • I can’t imagine a life where you could not have the ability to feel anything. Dexter is a great show though. Do you think Dexter ever wishes he was different? He has logic, but no emotion. I feel he regrets some things that have happened in his life.

  2. Me too – feeling over logic!

  3. heartofbella on said:

    FEELINGS, FEELNGS and MORE FEELINGS! Life cannot exisit without feelings. If you meet an individual who says they do not feel anything 1. they are NOT human 2. They are sociopaths who will prob end up killing you….safe route is FEEEEEEELINGS! I always remind myself to live on my gut insticts, intuition and of course feelings….it’s your subconscious mind telling you what is right and what is wrong….if you ignore feelings then you are ignoring the right answer. ALSO if you have no feelings there is no WAY you could develope logic, since logic is based on experience and knowledge and if you have never felt anything how the hell are you supposed to know what is right or wrong….logic is also a feeling, philosophers just want to keep that “logic” all to themselves….which in reality is a bunch of BALONEY in my book 😉

    • That is an interesting point you made about not being able to develop logic without emotion. If someone didn’t experience things such as emotions how can they possibly know everything? Emotion comes from the brain and so, logically, this type of person would not know everything about the brain and mind.

  4. Forty something years ago in college I should have written an essay which said this novel was groundbreaking in that it had a female author, a female heroine and a setting revealing the plight and diminutive consideration that society had for common people. Beside the story and the character of Jane it was a glorious tale of overcoming social restrictions. Instead I wrote that it was a dopey book and could not get past the first chapter without tossing it. He became so enraged ….. Well I changed my major to history/religion.

    • A lot of men, especially when they are younger, I notice cannot appreciate novels such as Jane Eyre because they only see they romantic aspect of it and nothing else. Many men, especially college men, hate romances, they would rather read any type of book besides a romance. I took a “popular books” class my sophomore year of college and we had to read a romance book for our class. We had to read Nora Roberts, “Angels Fall,” and I do not think one boy read that book. I had a guy friend in a different section who admitted to not reading it and actually ripping up some of the pages of the book. I can understand why in college you did not like Jane Eyre, most men cannot read romances at that age.

  5. Jillian ♣ on said:

    Have you read Austen’s Sense & Sensibility? It pretty much debates this very question. 🙂

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