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Quote of the Day: Garth Nix

Garth Nix, author.

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“Does the walker choose the path or the path choose the walker?” (Garth Nix, Lirael).

Hey guys,

Today I thought I would select a quote that deals with the ideas of destiny and free will.  Many books, television shows, and movies talk about these much debated ideas.  In my analysis of Oedipus Rex, I mention free will and destiny.  Oedipus of course, found that he could not escape his destiny no matter how hard he tried to run from his fate.  There are other books and movies though that show characters who believe that people can make their own choices.  Oedipus, tried to take control of his destiny, but unfortunately failed.  Adjustment Bureau, was a movie that promoted the idea of free will.  The two lovers, David and Elise, try to change their destiny and actually succeed in doing so.  Their will was so strong that they were able to change their destiny and make their own decisions.

What do you think?  Do you believe in destiny or free will?

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6 thoughts on “Quote of the Day: Garth Nix

  1. Really like this…I believe that sometimes you are on a path…and you are on that past for a reason. Perhaps it is destiny.

  2. Reminds of axiom sometimes the presidency makes the man and sometimes the man makes the presidency. Free will vs determinism. Had to do lot writing on that. In the theological sense we separate the discussion from the philosophical or empiric debate. In the Christian sense real freedom means you no longer have choice. You are led by the Holy Spirit do do good only and therein lies the freedom. Of course you still have the free will to accept the invitation from Christ but after that there is one path or choice only.

    • You make an interesting point on religion. It is true, we are given free will according to the Christian bible, but once we accept Christ into our lives we must follow certain rules to “obtain” salvation.

      • Not really – accepting the truth of Christ as your savior is all that is “required”. Basically, the Bible says that salvation is a free gift – Christ died on the cross for us, he shed his blood so that God could look at us and not see sin, but only see Christ’s blood. That’s how he saved us. There is nothing you can do to “earn” the gift – no rules or ways that you can obtain salvation through your own means. And there’s no way to give back the gift. Christ died and was resurrected – he saved us a long, long time ago, it’s a done deal. You either believe that Christ is your savior or you don’t; you either accept the gift or you don’t. You can’t purchase it through good works.

        Once you start down that path, the Holy Spirit leads you (as Carl said) on that path to do good – it fills you with that desire. But, ultimately, we are human and we will have failures. Doesn’t alter the gift.

  3. i love your blog, i have it in my rss reader and always like new things coming up from it.

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