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Quote of the Day: Maya Angelou

Maya Angelou at the Discovery 2000 conference.

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“Any book that helps a child to form a habit of reading, to make reading one of his deep and continuing needs, is good for him” (Maya Angelou).

Hey guys,

Today, I chose a quote that focused around reading.  Maya Angelou thinks that if a child picks a book up and starts reading that it is a good book.  Some people though, do not agree with this idea.  I am an English major at my college and we constantly debate over this topic.  People who do not agree with this opinion state that only books worth reading, like classic literature, can stimulate a child’s mind.  I personally believe that not all children can relate to classic literature, especially the younger children.  Younger children would not be able to read classic literature anyway.  Some people also argue that the younger generation reads “trashy” novels, or novels that would not develop a child’s mind.  Twilight is an example of a book that came up that was considered “trashy,” no offense to Twilight readers.  However, I could argue in defense of books like Twilight.  My favorite books to read growing up came from the Harry Potter series.  I would stay up all night to read the newest book and would not put it down until it was finished.  When I was a younger I could not appreciate classic literature.  I remember I had to read Old Man and the Sea in the 8th grade and I could not stand it! To the this day, I refuse to read that book again and it is one of my least favorite books.  I am sure the book is wonderful, but because I was exposed to it at such a young age I did not understand the deeper meaning in the novel.  What are your thoughts on this topic?   Pleas post your comments below, thanks for reading!



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2 thoughts on “Quote of the Day: Maya Angelou

  1. heartofbella on said:

    I agree with Maya, any book is a good book, if they are reading and understanding the content, what the hell is the big deal? I remember my first book I read through and through was Judy Blume’s noval, Forever (the entire fifth grade class read that book because of the sex scene…boys included.)…it was one of my favorite books, and to tell you the truth playboy lit really got me hooked on reading….call me a perv (at a young age) but that’s what kids are curious about…that is what makes their minds wander, ponder and remember….if it wasn’t for sex I would not be writing or reading poetry now as an adult….so in my humble opinion…any book is a good boook, screw the stuck ups who think only classic lit is true worthy reading lit…blah blah boooring….(but don’t get me wrong I love me some Hemingway, Joseph Conrad and Oscar Wilde ….as I get older now classic lit is actually something I can relate too, unlike in my younger years when nothing made scense, at least not the mandatory reading)

    • I agree, I love reading reading classical literature now, but I could not stand it in my earlier days. The symbolism was “too deep” and I could not relate to any of the characters. Now that I am older, I understand how to identify themes and symbolism in books and what it means. Even though I read classical literature, I also like to read “pleasure” books as well. One of my favorite authors is Anne Rice. I love reading about witchcraft, vampires, and ghosts I find it fascinating. I am unsure if I believe in things like ghosts, but they are definitely interesting to read about.

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