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Shakespeare is fake?

Hey all,

This is my first post and  I wanted to start it off by talking about the new movie “Anonymous”

The movie Anonymous suggests that Shakespeare never wrote any of his plays and was a fraud.  Many theories have suggested that Shakespeare did not write any of his plays,  that the name Shakespeare was an alias and that several people wrote his plays.  Many people do not believe that Shakespeare wrote his plays because of his educational background and the fact that we know little about the man, William Shakespeare.  Popular suggestions of who actually wrote the Shakespeare plays have been Francis Bacon, Christopher Marlowe, and Sir Walter Raleigh . Do you have any more suggestions of who Shakespeare might have been?  Do you want to defend Shakespeare as an author?  Feel free to leave your comments and questions below.


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9 thoughts on “Shakespeare is fake?

  1. Although I am unfamiliar with the movie, I am actually quite intrigued as to what the film has to say about Shakespeare and whether or not he is a credible author. I am one who is indifferent regarding Shakespeare’s work. I don’t adore it nor do I absolutely hate it, it’s just there. Perhaps my monotonous feelings toward this author are due to, what I feel, is the over-glorification that our educators place upon him. The amount of time our English teachers and professors devote to teaching Shakespearian works is overwhelming. There needs to be some form of diversification in our reading material. This focus on Shakespeare loses focus on the other great authors that came about during his time. I’d rather have a varying exposure to literary works, than praise and give full attention to one author and his collection of writings. Yet, I guess this film has also fell for the Shakespearian hype, once again giving him a different form of special attention.

    Thank you for your post and starting this blog! It’s about time us writers and literary critics can discuss modern works under one blog! Great job!

    • I agree that people do put too much emphasis on his works. I took a class my Junior year just on Shakespeare, which was required for all English majors. I cringed when my professor told us we had to read Romeo and Juliet. Romeo and Juliet is arguably the most overdone Shakespeare play and in my opinion is not even the most interesting play. My favorite “well known” Shakespeare play is Othello because of wonderful character Iago. Unlike Shakespeare’s previous “villains” in earlier plays Iago had a clear motive to why he wanted to betray Othello and pit Othello against other characters in the play. Because Iago is a complex character it makes Othello a more interesting read. However, I agree that too much emphasis is placed on Shakespeare works and I wish that instead of exposing students to the works early on in middle school and early years of high school that perhaps students should read it in college or in the later years of high school. I think students in high school are capable of reading Shakespeare works, but for some reason the plays do not resonate well with students at that age. Perhaps they will appreciate more when they are older. My next post will most likely be about Milton’s Paradise Lost so feel free to add input if you want.

  2. You are absolutely right! I remember I had to read Midsummer Nights Dream in high school, and I had to read it once again in my freshman year of college. I can tell you that my interpretation of the play was completely different when I was a college student. I understood they symbolisms much more in college than in high school. Very good point!

    • I personally believe that Shakespeare did write all of his works, but it is interesting to look at conspiracy theories surrounding Shakespeare. The article was very interesting and I too wonder if repercussions will occur because of the movie, “Anonymous”. Thanks for the post!

  3. I am with you. All of those theories give Shakespeare an air of mystery. It is fun to debate. My pleasure. Nice job, I’m enjoying your blog.

  4. Dear sir/madam,
    you are great when you criticize shakespeare. But you could have been greater if you had reached the level of that person first compare to his compositions.I think
    to tell you a story. A great painter brought a piece of painting to a king. The king
    to make a survey ordered to be tagged at the pole of city foursquare and asked people to comment on that. On the next day king saw that painting was fully overwritten and disfigured..some read..nose was not correct some said forehead
    of picture was not right, some said hairstyle was wrong, some said costume on it were not good.King asked the painter what is that..painter prepared another same
    picture(Art work) and wrote a note behind it..Anyone who find a mistake in my picture please correct it as they want. And put the brush and colors near that picture.Next day..king saw the picture was untouched..and was there intact.

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